The Waiting Game

Hi. I'm Chris Collins. I made this video game. I hope you like it. I am not a game company, I'm just an individual human being. I make these projects in my spare time when I should be cleaning my house or walking my dog or getting a good night sleep. I don't make any money for the projects I do, nor do I particularly care to. It's also tough asking for money on the internet. There are so many great things on the internet that are completely free that it's very easy to forget that a lot of these things DO involve VERY REAL costs, whether it's the servers that store the information, the programs used to create them, or, especially, the time invested that would surely be better spent trying to get a "real" job. The people who make things usually eat this cost because they love putting things out into the world ("generating cultural capital," uggghhh,) or because to do anything else would sort of seem like complaining. I've decided for the first time ever to put a donate button on one of my projects. I'm not going to make a big deal about it. It's right here below. I don't really expect anyone to use it, honestly. I just hope the next time you enjoy something online for free that you consider saying thanks. That's all.

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